Why Do Most People Fail?

It's a Saturday night and you're hungry. You decide to go for something to eat. You hop into your car and begin driving. All the while you're thinking What am I hungry for?

You drive and you think, constantly mulling that question. Do you want Italian, Chinese, a nice sit down dinner, something casual…? Whatever you want, you know that you want a nice meal and you want the food to be good.

So you continue to drive and think. Chinese would be good, but you're not quite in the mood. Italian might be a little to heavy. You heard of a really nice place, but that's too far and it's already getting a little late. There's a diner on Main Street, but you want something a little nicer than that.

So you're driving and thinking and you can't seem to settle on what exactly you want. You're hungry - really hungry now! And it is getting later and later. You have to settle on something soon.

What would really hit the spot?, you ask yourself as you drive aimlessly. You think of a place that would be great, but you remember that they require reservations (especially on a Saturday night!) and you didn't make any. You'd never get a table.

It's getting later and you're still driving and trying to decide what and where to eat. You pass a good Mexican place and think that would be fine, but then you see that the parking lot is full and you'd probably have to wait at least an hour to get seated — if you got seated at all!

You left your house at about seven and it is now getting close to ten o'clock. Most restaurants (at least the good ones) will be seating their last tables for the night now. You've been driving aimlessly for the past few hours and you have nothing to show for it. You're still hungry!

Finally, since it is getting late, you pull into a restaurant's parking lot and go through the drive-thru. A voice asks over the loudspeaker if you want fries with your burger and shake.

As you drive home, you realize that you've pretty much wasted what could have been an enjoyable evening. Maybe next weekend I'll plan things a little better, you say to yourself as you park your car. You take your soggy bag with you into your house and eat your "meal" as you sit in front of your TV.

Maybe next weekend you'll do better…

Up the River Without a Paddle

How many times in your life have you experienced something like that?



Many, many times?

Here's an even more important question:

Are you living your life like that?

Take a look at the following questions and answer them honestly.

  • Do you know the "secrets of success," but never seem to attain any real success?
  • Do your written goals change from month to month, even day to day?
  • Do you know that you want to succeed, but you can't seem to find the right "opportunity"?
  • Do you spend countless dollars on books, tapes, and seminars only to feel "all revved up with no place to go"?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then you are driving around town looking for a good place to eat. You don't have a plan. You don't have a reservation awaiting you. You don't even know what you want.

You will end up with a greasy burger and soggy fries at the end of the night.

In life, that translates to not much — if any — real success.

Sure, you may get a nice meal (a taste of success) now and then, but nothing consistent — and definitely nothing long-lasting or long-term.

You see, you can know all the rules and "secrets" of success, but until you decide on what you want to sink your teeth into, you will wander aimlessly. You'll have a head full of knowledge and no outlet to put it to use.

Most people find themselves in that dilemma. Why do you think so few people truly succeed?

The "secret" to success, which most people know, can be easily stated in four steps. If you've read Charles F. Haanel's The Master Key System, then you might be somewhat familiar with this formula.

Here is the absolute, time-proven, 100% guaranteed "secret" formula for success.
(Remember that you got it here!)

1. Decide what you want and what you desire in your life.

2. Work hard to get it.

3. If you fail, then get up, brush yourself off and try again.

4. When you succeed, go back to step 1.

It's not that hard of a formula. The recipe for making chocolate chip cookies is more difficult!

Yet most people never achieve even a modicum of success.

Now, let's face facts, it's not the hard work part of the formula. I know people who slog to work every day, work overtime, and even have second jobs. Hard work in most cases is not a problem.

And while some people are afraid to make mistakes, for the most part people accept mistakes as a natural part of life and of the learning process, and are perfectly willing to accept that.

If a person finally succeeds at something, believe me you, they are not forgetting to do it again. They readily and quickly do it again as often as possible.

So, what part of the formula poses the most difficulty for people?

Well, by a process of elimination, since steps 2 to 4 are not the problem, then that leaves us with Step Number 1.

People don't know what they want nor do they know what they truly desire.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, you can know the "secret to success," you can write your goals and train your brain … In short, you can be a very true and very good student of success.


When you don't know what you want, you are in a boat on a creek without a paddle.

You Can Hit the Bull's-Eye —
Once You Know What It Is

"It all started with a dream..."

How many times have you heard someone say that when they are talking about their success?

Be it Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, or any other success story, they always refer to having their dream.

  • Bill Gates wanted "a computer on every desktop."
  • Steve Jobs, when he was heading the Macintosh team at Apple, wanted to do something "insanely great."
  • J. Paul Getty wanted to find his fortune as an oilman.
  • Howard Hughes wanted to design and fly planes.
  • Richard Branson wanted to make Virgin a world-recognized name and have his airline compete with British Airways.
  • Werner von Braun wanted to build rockets to the moon.
  • Warren Buffett wanted to make investments that would build value over the long term.
  • Donald Trump wanted to erect buildings.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci wanted to perfect his paintings and art.
  • Michael Jordan wanted to prove himself on the basketball court.
  • George Lucas wanted to make a "space opera."
  • Sam Walton wanted to offer his customers the largest selection of goods at the lowest prices.
  • Albert Einstein wanted to know what it would be like to ride on a beam of light.
  • Walt Disney wanted to make animated movies and entertain people.

What all of these men and others like them have in common is this:

They knew what they wanted. They had their dream. Thus, their "hard work" wasn't really all that hard at all (some would even call it fun) and all of their "failures" were just their stepping stones to success.

You see, most people don't have a clear cut idea of what they want. Sure, they have some vague notions, but nothing specific.

  • "I want to be rich."
  • "I want a good job."
  • "My goal is to be famous."
  • "I want to be happy."

While those are wishes that we all share to one extent or another, they are vague and do not define a destination for ourselves.

Another thing people do is have too many goals (or more likely daydreams!) that they flitter between endlessly, never giving one any time to germinate into reality. One minute they want to be a writer, the next they want to sell a million in real estate, and then they want to make their killing online or something like that.

Flittering between different goals and constantly changing one's mind is just as bad — if not worse! — than having vague and unrealistic goals!

The short of it is that (and I'll say it for the umpteenth time!) they don't know what they want!

Get to Know Where You Want to Go

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel (Keep reading. You'll be able to download it later!) provides one with all of the knowledge, wisdom, and how-to one needs to know in order to attain anything they want in life.

It's helped me in my life and it has helped plenty of other folks as well.

That being said, I was one of those people who never decided on that one thing at which to be successful. I was the constant flitterer — always jumping from one thing to the next!

It wasn't until I sat myself down and thought long and hard about what I really wanted out of life that I began to see some serious changes.

It wasn't until I made a commitment to one goal that I could actually take what I learned in The Master Key System and put it into practice in a meaningful and results-oriented fashion.

You see, before I began publishing books, I was an avid reader of success books and I listened to hours of audio tapes. I attended seminars constantly. I was always looking for that one bit of wisdom or that "secret" that would make me successful.

After each book or seminar, I would be all jazzed up and ready to take over the world.

But I was missing the big component to any success: I always went after the wrong thing!

I tried MLM, different businesses, different jobs, always running after something for the wrong reasons.

Someone said I would like something, so I tried it. The money sure looked good there, so I went after it. You know how it goes. Instead of looking for what I really wanted and what I really desired, I pursued those things that others put into my path.

It took me quite a few years to come to understand one of the over-riding truths of life:

When you do something that you really want to do, the money will naturally follow.

So after years of floundering, I took the time to really think about what matters to me and what would make me happy.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I took the knowledge I learned in The Master Key System and other books I had read and put them into what I wanted to do. I did not waver. I did not skip around.


Because I finally knew what I really wanted!

Once that choice is made, then everything is easy.

It's just like the restaurant example: Once you decide on the place to go, getting there and eating is not that big of a problem. Actually, it's quite a joy. It's when the fun really begins!

Until that choice is made and the plans are set, it's a pretty horrible time.

Now, when I said that I made choices, I am not talking about those vague things that I mentioned, such as "I want to be happy" or other things like that. Everybody wants to be happy! You have to question yourself about what happiness means to you.

Here's an example of one of the things that I did.

I took a regular piece of paper and a pen and I wrote what a perfect day in my daily life would be. (Try this exercise at home! It will really do you some good.)

I detailed what time I would awaken, what I would have for breakfast, when I would shower, how I would get to work, how long I would work, what kind of money I would make, what kind of people I would talk to … I thought about everything!

Then I took the time to write it down. Then I left it alone for a while and then returned to it to rewrite it.

It took a while. The first few drafts of course read something like "I awaken at 11 AM, have breakfast in bed served by a buxom beauty, I then lounge pool side for hours-on-end while making big business deals on my cell phone…" The typical daydreams that many of us entertain.

As I actually thought about stuff like that, though, I realized that I really did not want that every day of my life. That's not what I want in my perfect daily life. It's like when people fantasize about being retired and having to do nothing all day. After a few weeks or months of that they begin to go nuts!

As I dug deeper into myself and did certain mental and written exercises, I found what I really wanted in my daily life. You see, for me, lounging by the pool is fine for a day or two whilst on vacation, but to have that everyday would drive me bonkers! (Of course, your mileage may vary. Different strokes for different folks!)

It's not something I really want.

The thing is, all of us have those notions and ideas about what we think would be nice to have or what sounds good or what looks good on paper, but in actual daily practice it would get to be quite … maddening, to say the least.

Once you flush the fluff and get to the stuff that matters, then you can begin to make serious plans!

And when you make those plans, that is when all of those books and tapes that you listened to really begin to make sense.

And then you get to really put those lessons into action.

There's the Creek … Here's Your Paddle!

We've established that all of the personal development books and tapes in the world won't be able to help you attain anything unless you've decided what you really want. It's like having a brand new hammer — and not having a nail to hit. There probably isn't even an idea about what the final project should look like.

That brings us to The Master Key Workbook.

The Master Key Workbook is your manual — your guide — to looking inside of yourself and finding what really matters and what you really want.

The Master Key Workbook combines motivational exercises that build your "thought muscles" with written worksheets to define your goals and then prepares you to attain them.

Once you define your goals and are given the power to attain them, then you can accomplish anything!

The Master Key Workbook follows the outline of Haanel's The Master Key System. It is comprised of 24 chapters that contain exercises that are to be done week by week. As you study each chapter and complete each exercise, you will learn certain specific things that will aid you in defining your life. You will also be given many tools to help you attain the things that you want.

By the time that you finish The Master Key Workbook, you will have goals that you really want and you will finally have the tools that you need to attain them.

Here are but a few things that you will learn and what you will be able to do when you complete The Master Key Workbook:

  • You will gain a complete understanding about how your dreams become reality.
  • You will see how and why the Law of Attraction really works and begin to see the effects of it almost immediately.
  • You will learn a novel way to attain your ideal weight that doesn't include diet pills, fad diets, or starving yourself.
  • You will remove doubt and fear from your life by learning how to "train your brain."
  • You will discover the importance of having meaning in your life and you will be given the exercises that will help you to find it.
  • You will learn the techniques that the world's elite use to build fortunes and empires.
  • By learning about the power of concentration, you will understand why many smart people never reach the heights of success that less intelligent people do.
  • Learn how merely wanting to "make money" is not enough to really succeed at any business venture. In fact, it will only lead you to failure.
  • Discover how negative self-talk can be quickly eliminated and replaced with positive self-talk that will aid you in attaining your goals and dreams.
  • Putting your plans into action will be easier and will happen at an unprecedented pace.
  • Results will come to you quicker than you ever imagined.
  • Goal setting will become a snap!
  • Attaining your goals will become almost second-nature.
  • You will see that whatever happened to you in the past is of little consequence now. You will look toward the future with an up-turned chin and the will of a giant.
  • There are three laws awaiting to work for you. Learn how to tap into their power so that you can realize your goals, dreams, and desires.
  • By defining yourself and your goals, you will seemingly magnetize yourself to success and opportunities.
  • You will understand why the mantra "Work smarter!" is the new secret to success in any endeavour.
  • When you learn the process of making your dreams real, you will be able to apply it to any aspect of your life — personal, financial, or business.
  • You will see that learning and improving your memory can be greatly aided just by relaxing.
  • While reading is important, you will discover that it is even more important to know what to read.
  • Do you procrastinate? You won't any more. Once you have clearly defined wants and goals, you will discover energy and a will to action within yourself that you never knew existed!
  • Everyone has a "million dollar talent" that they are not using. You will discover yours by doing one exercise and you will see how you can put it into action almost immediately!
  • You will learn the difference between day-dreaming and goal setting, and how one will earn you ten times more than the other.
  • Problems that you currently have will dissolve from your life as you release the fluff and get to the good stuff.
  • You will encounter fewer "speed bumps" in your life.
  • Have you ever heard the phrase "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the fist step"? Or "You eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time"? Once you learn how to take a problem or a goal and dissect it into its component parts, you will be able to surmount or attain anything.
  • You will see that as you stop lying to yourself about things, you will be able to see clearly and thereby see opportunities and chances to attain your dreams.
  • Not only will you be able to take responsibility for your mistakes, but you will also begin to really take responsibility for your successes, something which many people are too shy or too afraid to do — but the successful are not.
  • With the good comes the bad. Become a powerhouse by putting your good traits and skills to use and by eliminating your bad traits.
  • You will see that the problems that you will encounter are easily surmountable and that they are your "stepping stones" to success rather than indications of things gone awry.
  • Your life will be fuller, richer, and more purposeful than you ever thought possible.
  • You will not only possess the keys to true success, you will also know which keys unlock which doors!

And that is not all you will learn or experience. There is much more. Remember…

The saying "Know thyself" is a command to every man and woman who wishes to attain success. It is your passport into a new life — a life of success in place of failure and happiness in place of drudgery.

Since it was first published, many people have written about the wisdom they've found and the discoveries they've made and the accomplishments they've attained when they got The Master Key Workbook.

Here are what people who have The Master Key Workbook have say about it ...

"Stop Everything and Grab This Book…"

If you are not getting all of the things you want in life, stop everything and grab this book… Be prepared for exciting things to show up!

Jackie U.

"You Are to be Congratulated…"

You are to be congratulated on producing something that will be a great help to those of us working to improve our lives through the Master Key approach.

Joe S.

"I Am Incredibly Excited…"

I am incredibly excited about the workbook you have created based on The Master Key System.

Dennis H.

"Imagine That a Simple Thought Could Have More Power Than All the Hard Work Ever Done!"

Imagine that a simple thought could have more power than all the hard work ever done!

Then imagine that simple thoughts done with consistency could have a more dramatic impact on your financial fortunes than all the hours spent "chained to the desk!"

Better yet, imagine that there were men and women out there who have already succeeded in business by using those simple principals and who were willing to write the "mind stuff" down on paper so that you and I could literally "follow the leader" to financial success.

Charles U.

"I Have Found It to be Liberating…"

A word of caution: the exercises and extra materials really cause you to think and reflect. This can be a bit difficult if you are being honest with yourself. Trying to physically list the twenty things that you do to hold back your own success can be daunting. However, I have found it to be liberating as you then learn how to apply Haanel's concepts to these negative patterns and change them into positive steps to success.

Katrina L.

By now you should be able to see that The Master Key Workbook will be a powerful guide for you as you reach for new heights and seek unprecedented success. It will allow you to take what you already know and focus it much like a magnifying glass focuses the rays of the sun to start a fire.

Let's look at what you already know.

  • You know the rules and "secrets" of success.
  • You've read some (if not many) books about success.
  • You've listened to the tapes and CDs and probably attended a few seminars and workshops.
  • Even with all of this knowledge and wisdom, you still find yourself not reaching the pinnacles you thought that you would.
  • You know that you can do better.
  • You've tried a few things but never discovered your passion.
  • You're sick of flittering from one thing to another in a vain attempt to chance upon the "big one."
  • You know that once you had that one thing you could sink your teeth into then you could take it to the top.
  • You realize that there is something inside of you that wants to be let loose to shine for the world.
By getting The Master Key Workbook you will set yourself for attaining all that you really want and desire.
The Master Key Workbook by Anthony Michalski

The e-book of The Master Key Workbook is phenomenal.

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  • You can print as many copies as you like for your personal use.
  • If you want to redo a written exercise, you can just reprint those pages and do them again! No need to worry about ruining your book.
  • Because of the technology, there are lots of links to the World Wide Web throughout the e-book. Key words, phrases, and names are highlighted to indicate that when you click them, you will go to a web page that contains even more information about the subject. (You must be connected to the Internet for this to work.)
  • You're allowed to have multiple copies for personal use. So, you can have a copy on your work computer, your home computer, and your laptop. After all, it's your e-book.
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The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

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The Master Key Workbook is based upon this timeless classic, so it makes sense that if you haven't already read it, then you should be able to obtain it here. Right now, it is the goal to have 1% of the world's population read this book in order to achieve positive change in the world! That is how powerful this book is.

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Everyone needs a pick-me-up when on the journey to success and accomplishing goals, both big and small. Who better to impel and inspire you than the man himself, Charles F. Haanel. These ten hand-picked quotes were culled from all of Haanel's works.

Each quote was selected because they encapsulate an idea that, when internalized by you, will push ever so closer to your goals and dreams.

Sound unlikely? Well, think about how many times a day you read that one quote or repeat that one to someone and it serves to put things into perspective. Now, imagine that you have ten of them. As you read these inspiring quotes and commit them to memory, you're going to see changes -- good changes!

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I've become personally debt-free, developed a business plan, secured start-up capital of $150,000, and successfully opened my own office. I owe these successes in large part to the guidance I received from Master Key Coaching.

Dr. Mano A.
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"I Never Thought It Possible, But It Happened"

I never thought I'd own my own business, but it happened: I do what I love (teach music) and it's more incredible than I ever dreamed.

Kathy N.

"...It All Came Together"

When you're forced to look at yourself — and I mean really look at yourself — that's when things happen. You were right. Once I said that enough was enough and pursued my "one thing," it all came together. I can now proudly say that for the first time in my life I'm happy and it's only getting better.

Craig F.
Des Moines, IA

"Life Has a Funny Way of Working When You Have Your Head Correctly in the Game"

It's been about a year since I did The Master Key Workbook. The results? I'm the manager of my department now. I'm also in line to become regional director. Life has a funny way of working when you have your head correctly in the game, doesn't it?

Jimmy S.

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